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Welcome to Greedy Piggy Bank, a platformer where you have to collect coins to upgrade your character, even though it harms your brain.

During your adventure, you will be using upgrades to progress further using your previously collected coins.

The upgrades available are :

  • A slide ability to sneak through little spaces. (Down Arrow)
  • A boxing glove that allows you to break weak walls and discover new paths. (Right Arrow)
  • A shield that allows you to dodge spikes once.
  • A pill that allows you to take two coins without being damaged.
  • And a double jump ability !

Also, you'll find some special coins that won't affect the screen when picked up !

We are composed of 5 students, and it's our first game and our first jam, so don't hesitate to tell us what's wrong in this game to help us improve !

If you'd like to know how we made this game, click here !

Credits :

  • Romain "Rdelion" Delion : Music / Level Design and a little bit of programming
  • Nathan "DreamTeck" Arago : Assets / Animation / Level Design
  • Lucas "Mutergfp" Desnoue : Programming / level Design
  • Luc "Espolz" Le Gall : Programming
  • Téo "Couaque" Haÿs : Level Design / Programming / Sound / Documentation

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